Send first a request to obtain credentials then sign in with your account. If you are a CIRP Guest please be sure invitation has been already approved by the CIRP Office, otherwise please contact the CIRP member inviting you asking to send the “Guest Request form” to the CIRP office.

Fill registration form

After login, you will be redirected to the registration page. Then, fill out the registration form in all its parts and submit your reservation(s).

Accompanying person registration

To add an accompanying person in the same order and payment (the member and the accompanying person fees will be paid by the same institution/person) in the reservation(s) page choose “Add Accompanying person” before doing the check out and you will be redirected to the appropriate registration page.
To add an accompanying person whose registration fee should be paid and invoiced separately choose “Proceed to checkout”, complete first your order and payment and then proceed with a new registration for your partner.
To register yourself as an accompanying person, do the login with the credentials of the CIRP Member you are accompanying and proceed with the registration.

Proceed to checkout

Once you have added all the reservation/s, you can proceed with payment. After receiving your payment, your registration(s) will be confirmed.
If you need two separated payment and invoices for the member and the accompanying person(s), please carefully read the instructions on the single registration form. Otherwise the fees will be calculated and invoiced together. Carefully fill the billing details!
The Organizing Committee will send you by email the final confirmation of your registration(s).
After submitting each registration, personal data and program cannot be edited, and Cancellation Policy will be applied.

Additional services’ reservations

Once your registration has been completed you can log in later and navigate into your Member Area to add bookings for Hotel accommodation, Shuttle Transfer and Accompanying person tours.

Login CIRP Member or approved Guest